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  • Office Management Software

    Office Management Software

    RoutePoint is a web-based office management software which is available as an online application or self-hosted software. RoutePoint offers the most comprehensive set of office management features - whether you are an owner, manager, customer service representative or technician... RoutePoint will give you the tools you need to perform your best.

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

    GPS Vehicle Tracking

    RoutePoint GPS provides all the functionality leading GPS vehicle tracking solutions provide, but is tightly integrated with RoutePoint software allowing users to access one system to manage all of their service, GPS and route optimization settings, reports and features. With RoutePoint GPS users can track their vehicles in real time and monitor truck usage directly from a fully functional dashboard within RoutePoint. They can also send service information from RoutePoint to their technician’s Garmin device installed in the truck.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Real-Time Reporting

    The RoutePoint Executive Dashboard is a reporting tool that delivers unprecedented business intelligence by focusing on key indicators in areas of your business such as technician production, revenue, budgets, sales leads and customer retention. It is a new way of looking at your data. You can point and click on exactly which branches, service classes, counties, divisions, customer types, roles, technicians and salespeople to include, as well as decide whether the data displays in a numerical report or graphical format.

  • Online Scheduling

    Online Scheduling

    With the RoutePoint Sales Assistant service it's like having a virtual salesperson working 24/7 allowing customers to research, purchase, and schedule pest control services 100% online. Inside RoutePoint the system will close a lead as won, set up a customer location, create a service set up, and charge credit cards with one click!

  • Route Optimization

    Route Optimization

    RoutePoint RouteOp is RoutePoint's fully integrated route optimization solution.The module features multi-day, single-day and single appointment optimization to help companies save on fuel costs by reducing drive time up to 50%. The Best Fit appointment scheduling feature also allows office staff to recommend the best time for a new appointment in seconds.


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Our Customer Account Access and Premier Customer Portal modules offer enhanced communication between you and your customer…

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With our Active Search Engine Optimization Service, we can help your website be more visible when potential customers are searching for field services in your area...

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RoutePoint RouteOp allows you to optimize a day, month or single job, saving you money on vehicle operating and fuel costs each month...

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Mobilize your workforce with everything they need to access client and service information in the field. Click below to learn more!

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Field Service Control Software - Join The RoutePoint Revolution

Whether you're a $100 million+ field service management enterprise or a single branch field service operator, you're faced with similar challenges:

  • How do I do improve my customer service levels?
  • How do I cost effectively grow my customer base?
  • How do I generate more profits to fuel growth?

Marathon Data Systems started 25 years ago on the simple premise, that professionals in the industry needed a powerful back office field service software application backed by a best in class service organization. As our customer's needs have evolved, so have we, expanding our software product set to include a full suite of SaaS-based mobile and desktop applications to help with core accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, routing and scheduling. Increased efficiency helps our customers become more successful in the marketplace.

While our competitors have spent their time building a "one size fits all" software for field service solution, we have spent the past 10 years tailoring our business to the meet the needs of the residential field service and commercial field service market. By integrating all our software services and products, we eliminate the need for our customers to learn new programs, pay steep product integration fees or have staff spend multiple hours double-entering data in disparate systems. If you provide recurring service to residential or commercial service customers, our field service management software applications are made for you.

To help RoutePoint customers more efficiently grow their customer base, we've added a suite of integrated marketing services solutions to our field service scheduling software. These include pay for performance lead generation services, customized website design, and search engine optimization services. By pairing our marketing services solutions with our online purchasing module and our RoutePoint iLead iPhone application, our customers can more efficiently grow their lead volume, track their marketing performance and close more sales!

Additionally, by partnering with key vendors who bring best in class, industry specific third party solutions at competitive rates, we are helping our customers save money and time, enabling them to increase profitability and fuel growth.

So don't wait any longer, find out more about us and join the RoutePoint revolution today!